Raytheon: Cyber Warriors Challenge Write-up.




Raytheon one of the biggest Defense Contractor in the world, issued a challenge on their cyber job website. Based on codes and puzzles with the message saying,

Code breaking excites you. Reverse-engineering seems pretty straightforward. And you like to break down information security systems just to build them back, stronger and better. You seem to be the kind of person we look for at Raytheon: a cyber warrior who can help us protect the world's most critical data from breach, fraud, theft and sabotage. But we want to test you to be sure.

Conquer these hidden challenges and crack the code to gain restricted access to a secret message – just for cyber warriors like you


On the front page there are three images sliding and each image contain a clue about the puzzle.

In order to solve these puzzles there is an instruction about submitting the solution.

”Each puzzle solution reveals an identification key. As you find the keys, add them to the end of this url to see what's next. http://www.rtncyberjobs.com/[YOUR-KEY]



Starting with first image in clue which says:

“Code-breaking challenges can come from anywhere. Sometimes it helps to consider the source….”

Simple as it sounds simply viewing the source code of the page, middle of the page will show a commented out message saying.

<!--      ****************************************    -->

<!--      *          Identification Key = hiddengem            *        -->

<!--      *****************************************  -->

Hidden key is “hiddengem”, Following URL will be used to proceed to next level:


Opening this URL lead to another Puzzle page with name Puzzle Δ (Delta) and with further information about challenge.

http://www.rtncyberjobs.com/pz2/Solution to Δ/Solution to Ω/Solution to Σ

It seems that there are three parts of challenge Δ, Ω, Σ need to complete in order to solve this challenge.

Puzzle Δ:

 First starting with Puzzle Δ with a clue displayed in image.

“Images often reveal more than you can see, holding solutions that lie just out of sight.”

According to the clue, the solution is in the image. Looks like steganography is involved (Bad Luck). For starters I opened the image in notepad to see if there is an easy way out and DAMN! There is some text there.

“Getting warmer! Use concealment to uncover even more as you hunt for the solution string to this puzzle...like hide and seek... concealment             concealment

So I was out of luck in this case because there was another clue instead of straight forward solution. So I started to try the image in different online steganography tools with passphrase of “concealment”. After trying number of tools i was able to solve it with JPHS (NOT AN ONLINE TOOL) and result was

“Great Job! The key to this puzzle is "exponential"

        Good luck on the other challenges!“

Solution of first puzzle is “exponential” now first part of the puzzle is complete and two more to go.



For the next part of the challenge get back to home page with clues. On the second image there are number of switches showing on/off state. (Hmm well I guess I did learned something in electronics class.)

Image shows that it’s a binary data converting it to text from which will look something like this:

“011000100 110100101 101110011 000010111 001001111 001011100 110110111 101101100 011101100 110010101 100100”

Using an Online Binary to Text converter tool I was able to see the solution which was “binarysolved

Using it in URL to go to next solution:


This lead to another part of puzzle with name Puzzle Ω (OMEGA) and second part of challenge.

Puzzle Ω:

On the challenge page there are some alphabets presenting Red Green Blue (RGB) but name of the color is not matching with the alphabet which means this puzzle have something to do with the colors. Visually they look like this.


So in order to get there exact color values I searched the source code for their CSS, it didn’t took more than 20 Seconds to locate it but sadly same thing can’t be said for the puzzle :p. It took me 2 Weeks to get this part solved.

CSS for the text was saved in “http://www.rtncyberjobs.com/css/pz.css” taking out the values required:

#mcopy .c1 {color:#72bf6c;}

#mcopy .c2 {color:#6b7962;}

#mcopy .c3 {color:#ff6373;}

#mcopy .c4 {color:#652f2f;}

#mcopy .c5 {color:#6c69ff;}


These values were in Hex so going to convert it into RGB value matching the Challenge layout of RGB.

#72bf6c => 114, 191, 108

#6b7962 => 107, 121, 98

#ff6373 => 255, 99, 115

#652f2f => 101, 47, 47

#6c69ff => 108, 105, 255


Now taking out the value of the color corresponding to the name on display for example,

#72bf6c is for G which is second value in RGB format 141, “191”, 108. Matching these values to the ASCII values result in a letter. Doing same for all the Colors.

#72bf6c => 114, (191), 108 = 

#6b7962 => 107, (121), 98  =  y

#ff6373 => 255, 99, (115)  =  s

#652f2f => (101), 47, 47   =  e

#6c69ff => (108), 105, 255 =  l


     The end result was garbage which means I was missing something or was completely off the track. So I looked into the CSS again there was nothing there to help moved back to Source Code of the page where I realize that the order of the class was given for every letter separately (of course) Keeping that sequence in mind I re-created the Color to ASCII sequence into this.